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Biometric Device

Body Temperature Detection Network Camera T17983

Product Code: T17984

  • On-Board Temp-Detection Algorithm
  • One IP Address Two Channels
  • Effective Pixels 400 x 300
  • Sensitivity 40mK
  • Thermal : 8mm Fixed Lens, Visible : 2.7-12mm Motorized Lens
  • Accuracy 0.30C
  • Body Detection up to 16 Targets
  • Response Time 30ms
  • 17 Color Control

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Dual Lens Thermal Camera T17901

Product Code: T17901

  • Supports temperature/fire point/fire condition detection
  • Support two way communication
  • Support FTP Recording
  • Support Alarm in and out
  • Power Input : DC 12V/2A
  • Temperature Accuracy ±3.00C

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Biometric Device
Biometric Device

Dual Lens Thermal IP Camera T17983

Product Code: T17983

  • Bi Spectrum High Quality Optical Module with 2MP Resolution
  • High Sensitivity Thermal Module with 256*192 Resolution
  • Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) < 60mk (250C, F#=1.0)
  • Contrast Adjustment Support
  • Latest Thermal Image Processing Technology
  • AGC, DDE, 3D DNR
  • Up to 15 Palettes of Adjustable color
  • Reliable Temperature Abnormality Alarm
  • Image Fusion, Picture-in-picture preview
  • Wide Temperature Range from -150C to +1500C

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Non Contact Infrared Thermometer i413

Product Code: i413

  • High-Precision Infrared Sensor
  • Stable & Reliable Performance
  • Wide Temperature Ambience Adaptability
  • Probe Structure for Accurate Measurement
  • High Brightness & Large Backlight LCD Screen
  • Automatic Shutdown to save Battery
  • Variable color Backlit for easy range identification
  • Green Backlit – 34.0 C – 37.3 C
  • Red Backlit – 38.1 C – 42.9 C

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Biometric Device

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